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Virus Game: Mutant Outbreak for Android

Virus Hunter: Mutant Outbreak is a modern twist to classic falling block games like Dr. Mario and Columns.  You must combine pills of different colors to exterminate the virus.

Fight the epidemic of Freenie Greenie, Purple Pustule, Reddie Freddie and the rest of the viral menaces.

It is easy to get started, simply place the falling pills into color sequences that kill each virus.  But as the infections get larger you will need to master multi-kills and perform combos to fill the Combo Boost meter.

Modify your tactics as viruses develop defenses such as moving, spawning and armor.

Earn over a dozen trophies like “The Squeakquel” for back-to-back combos and others such as “Seven Deadly Kills”, “Blue Screen of Death” and “Rainbow Massacre”.

Invite your friends to compete for high scores on individual levels or climb the leaderboard for largest multi-kill size, best combo, most trophies collected and more!

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Meet The Cast

Dr. Hunter

Reddie Freddie

Blooey Dude

Freenie Greenie

Purple Pustule

Roid O Range

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