Austin from Auditorium Shores

Austin, Texas

Austin 360 Bridge


Who are you?

My name is Henry Stanaland and I started Diabolical Software LLC in 2014 with the simple and humble goal of making great games and mobile apps.

Why Austin, Texas?

After graduating college (Computer Science and Electrical Engineering, MIT), I got an awesome start in professional programming at Open Sky Software, a great custom software company out of Austin, Texas.  I fell in love with the city and it is a great place for software developers.

Why mobile apps and games?

I bought an HTC G1, the first Android device, in October 2008.  I was immediately hooked and decided to learn Android programming by making small games and apps as a hobby in my free time.  It was fun and some of my apps picked up a little traction, so after completing 10 years of business software I decided it was time to make it a full-time professional business.